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Tantantara! Tzing! Boom! - more info

Making a gesture of resignation, Robin moved on to the topic of taxation and government support for the arts. When he saw that Freddie was doodling on the edge of the tablecloth with his pen, he stopped. "You're not much for the business side of things, are you?"

Freddie looked up. "I just want to present shows," he said. "I want to do Iolanthe, and when Iolanthe is finished I want to do Ruddigore, the Mikado, Pinafore and the rest. Why can't I just do that?"
If you're here, I assume you've got through my bb_shousetsu story, Tantantara! Tzing! Boom! f you haven't, go check it out! I'll wait. :>

This story came about as a result of my purchasing a box set of G&S operettas recorded by the D'Oyly Carte Opera Company in the 1940s and 50s and driving all over Scotland with them on a recent trip. It occurred to me, first of all, how ludicrously fun a story set to G&S would be to write, and second, that until you really sit down with the lyrics, you don't realise how hilarious and still relevant they are. Then I thought that a story about a peer called "Tantantara! Tzing! Boom!" would be awesome, and... here we are.

Since an explicit objective of this story was to showcase the greatness of G&S, I would be remiss if I didn't put in some plugs:
  • I have uploaded the chapter songs in a soundtrack here the songs are pulled from the recordings mentioned above
  • Many versions of the operettas are available on DVD (I have almost a full set of the Opera Australia productions, which I heartily recommend, mostly for Anthony Warlow <3) - in the interim quite a few are available on YouTube as well.
  • Jude Law singing 'Ah, leave me not to pine' n Wilde - another excellent film, and the cause of my continuing soft spot for Jude Law.
  • The Gilbert and Sullivan Archive has complete libretti for all G&S operettas, as well as a bunch of ephemera and audio clips.
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