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OMG! It's a masterpost!

A Frequent Traveller's Guide to Jovan

What the blurb says:
Since the death of their brother the Emperor Dolmus brought the royal brothers Valentin and Cassius back to Monsilys, capital of the great Jovani Empire, Valentin has cured the boredom of court life with poppy-sap and women, while for Cassius the remedy has been ale and the result much the same. Then an ill-fated duel causes their niece the Empress to send them to Gallica to deal with a problem there, and they find themselves drawn ever more back into the world of Jovani politics: a world their brother banished them from seventeen years earlier.

As Valentin veers from disaster to disaster, always running from his past and a life he would prefer to forget, Cassius is fascinated by a damaged boy he rescues from a brothel in Sha-Pensei. Valentin's weapon is sly diplomacy, while Cassius prefers the honesty of the sword, but will either be enough to protect Jovan, and themselves?

What you're actually signing up for:
A sprawling political fantasy cum comedy of manners cum treatise on the ethics and economics of slavery cum gay romance that is somewhat like Game of Thrones, but with fewer sadistic character deaths.

Warnings for explicit homosexual and heterosexual scenes, sexual slavery, violence, torture, drug use, ambiguous morality, siblings, daddy issues, secret pasts, adventure, good people making bad decisions, HBICs, teenagers throwing tantrums, cute children, dubious world-building, sarcasm, long discussions about political feasibility, observations on the weather, and detailed descriptions of castles.

Overall rating: Hard R.

Volume 1
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Volume 2
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Return | Ilas | Solitude | Dusk | Caspar | Welfare | Storm | Trade | Rebellion | Love | Llewellyn | Wedding | Treason

Volume 3
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Other (Ratings/warnings as marked)

Miscellaneous prequels: Treasure (or on AO3) | The Eve of Battle | Twilight.
Assorted interludes and prompts.

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